Everyone Loves Olivia!

Olivia, now around 5.5 years old, is our very social and loving Tico dog. She was given to us by Lopez in 2016 when we moved into our house. Lopez, the caretaker of the house we were renting, had taken Olivia in several months earlier, but decided that since she had become such good friends with Rusty, our new kitten, we should take Olivia with us.

We agreed that Olivia had become part of our family and that we could not leave her behind. Olivia spreads joy to everyone she meets. She loves attention and is in heaven if she can sit on your lap. Beware as she is a kisser.

Besides kissing and licking, Olivia expresses her affection through her tail. It is wagging and thumping 99% of the time! She also has an amazing smile where she will grin showing off her front teeth. So very cute, but almost impossible to photograph….sorry, we will keep trying and post any successful pics as soon as we can!

Oliva loves to go on walks, especially at the beach. She enjoys chasing the little sand crabs and trying to dig them out of their holes.

Like our other dog Wylder, Olivia also loves to go with us in the truck.

Olivia and Rusty are still good friends and enjoy hanging out together.

Olivia enjoys visiting our neighbors Toni & Gib and Liz & Ray on a regular basis and considers them to be part of her family. She feels at home with them just as she does with us (and sometimes maybe more so). Her wandering started years ago when she met her boyfriend, Zorro. Zorro was a cute guy who belonged to Liz & Ray. Sadly, he is no longer with us.

Zorro and Olivia

We say Olivia is like the Energizer bunny since she will go and go and go. Nonetheless, she does need her time to recharge…

Olivia was a good sport this past Christmas – dressing up as a penguin, but I am pretty sure we had more fun than she did.

We have been asked many, many times by friends and family if they could take Olivia home with them – even by some who are not “dog-people”! She makes an impression on everyone!