Immersed in Nature

Living in Costa Rica, we are blessed with an amazing array of flora and fauna at our doorstep. During the almost six years of living here, we have seen (and attempted to share with you), some of the many things that Mother Nature has to offer here – quite often accompanied with an exclamation of “WOW” or “INCREDIBLE” or “BEAUTIFUL”. It has certainly given us a deeper appreciation for nature and its diversity.

We have grown accustom to seeing and hearing the regulars around our property, like the toucan, aracari, laughing falcon and white-faced capuchins – to name a few, but once and a while we are visited by something that we don’t see as often.

Here is a video of a Sloth that was in the Guarumo tree next to our pool area. It, along with lots of other animals and birds, likes the small fruits of this tree.

The golden orb-weaver spider is a common sight here. Their silk is a golden color and is incredibly strong. Here you can see one weaving a web.

So, occasionally we get visitors that aren’t native to the jungle…like this one that surprised me and the dogs one morning as we were returning from our walk.

A cute green and black poison dart frog hopping around the pool deck
This guy was trying his best to look mean and scare us!
An amazing moth!
Wow! You can’t get much prettier than that!

If you take the time to look around here, you will most likely see something that you have never seen before. We are lucky to be able to experience a place like this!