Our Pets Entertain Us

Since we aren’t going out much these days, our pets are helping to entertain us! Every once in a while, Olivia, Rusty and Wylder will squeeze together on this particular bed. They get along pretty well most of the time.

Olivia loves her blanket! We have it draped over a leather chair in our main living area. This is where she sleeps at night. Olivia sometimes takes her naps there, too. She also has a little bed under the sofa where she will take a nap or hide from Wylder of Rusty.

Unfortunately, Olivia likes to chase some of the local wildlife. On the morning walk one day, she smelled an Agouti (looks like a big guinea pig) and ran off through the jungle after it. She didn’t come back after a few minutes, so Eddie continued on without her. (She knows her way home.) Olivia showed up back at the house a little while later covered in blood, which turned out to be hers. The Agouti fought back and had given Olivia a good bite on her neck. Fortunately, she recovered quickly with a little TLC. We put a bandana around her neck to protect it and our furniture!

Shortly after we put the house on the market, we bought Rusty and Olivia airline approved crates. Olivia has a hard crate as she will have to fly cargo. Rusty’s carrier is for under the seat. Every day, we give them a treat in their respective accommodations hoping they will get used to them. At first, they wouldn’t even put their heads inside. Now, they will go almost all the way inside, but always keep at least one foot outside on the floor. Rusty always checks out Olivia’s crate to see if she has left anything behind. For some reason, he will go all the way in her crate, but not his carrier. We are starting to think that when we move, we will have to shove them inside and hope for the best!

During a recent thunderstorm, Wylder, Rusty and Olivia crowded around Eddie’s legs for protection. On a very loud thundering boom, Rusty decided to take cover under the bed covering that Wylder recently pulled up. He stayed there for the duration of the storm.

On morning, this black and green dart frog decided to join us for breakfast. He ended up climbing along the window frame. When he was at the top of it, he would slowly put one leg down checking to see if the wall was there. He did this all the way across the length of the window until he got onto firm wall. He finally climbed down to the floor and hopped away.

Late one afternoon, Eddie looked up and noticed this Greater White-lined Bat sleeping on the screen at the very top of our ceiling, which is 25 feet high. Very early that morning when he left to walk the dogs, he felt something fly by his head, but thought it was a moth. Eddie didn’t think any more about it until he saw he saw the bat. He realized that he must have let it in the house that morning. So, Eddie dragged in the ladder and managed to recover the bat with the pool net. The bat was very docile and didn’t seem to mind having his sleep interrupted. Eddie took him out side, shook the net and the bat flew away. Good thing Eddie noticed the bat before we went to bed!

Rusty is an interesting cat and has a fun personality. We believe that he thinks he is part dog. He is very food motivated and begs relentlessly. Rusty enjoys playing and napping with Wylder’s rope. He likes to join me at my work station and watch me work on a bracelet. Most of the time he resists playing with the thread, but not always. Rusty doesn’t like to ride in the truck. So occasionally we put him in there with the windows down hoping that he will get used to it. It doesn’t seem to be working!

A few more photos of them relaxing together.

Rusty and Wylder enjoying one of our many gorgeous sunsets!

A beautiful plumeria flower. The flower is very pretty, but the tree is not. When it’s not blooming, it looks dead.

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