House For Sale – Winding Down Our Time in Costa Rica!

It has been seven years since we made our leap to Costa Rica and I guess we have recently come down with the “seven year itch.” We have decided to put our home up for sale! There has not been any particular happening that has driven us to this decision, but mostly a yearning for a change of scenery (“What?”, you say! “How could it get any better?”) and opportunities to do different things.

The view from our pool deck is spectacular!

Our time here has been full of adventures and if you have been following this blog for a while, you know quite well what I am talking about. We are very blessed to have had the opportunity to experience living in such a picturesque and amazing country as Costa Rica. The natural beauty of the diverse flora and fauna, the wonderful people we have met, the tranquility, and the great (mostly) weather are a few that top the list. There will be many things that we will miss — and a few that we surely won’t! No reason to dwell on the negatives, though.

The last month has been a busy time for us – focusing much of our time on cleaning and de-cluttering the house to get it ready to show. Needless to say, after so much work our muscles are sore and we could use massages, but the place looks great. The local real estate market has been heating up recently with much interest coming from the United States. I can’t imagine why people might want to get away from the states right now -Ha Ha! So, with the house now in show condition, all we need is a buyer… Check out the sales listing here. Perhaps you know someone who might like to have a Costa Rica get away.

Have you ever seen such an amazing rainbow?
We have some wonderful sunsets. No two are the same.

3 thoughts on “House For Sale – Winding Down Our Time in Costa Rica!

  1. Well, I hope you two land somewhere specular, because the tropics are going to be a hard place to top. I will always regret not coming down to visit you. This past year we have hardly left the safety of our home. Regardless of where you end up, the photos will always be there to bring it all back. Good luck with your house sale!

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