Nature Provides Great Entertainment During the Pandemic!

We are so fortunate to have an almost constant stream of wildlife visiting our property – a great source of entertainment! While we often feel like we are reliving Groundhog Day, nature always seems to come to our rescue and offer up something fun. Speaking of rescue, we have recently had a couple of opportunities to help out our animal friends. The first was when we discovered a hummingbird that had gotten tangled up in the web of a golden orb spider. This spider’s web is incredibly sticky and extremely strong. I managed to pluck the little guy from the web and hold him still in my hand while carefully pulling off the sticky filaments. I was afraid that he might have injured himself, but he immediately flew off once untangled.

Then, the second rescue happened while we were on one of our early morning walks on the beach. We spotted something in the sand near the high tide line. Upon closer inspection, we found an olive ridley sea turtle on its back. At first I thought it might be dead, but Ellen said, “turn it over”, so I did and found the turtle to be very much alive. The turtle had come onto the beach to dig a hole in the sand and lay its eggs. Apparently, she somehow got turned upside down in the hole and could not get out. We think she must have been there for at least a couple of hours, since the turtles come to lay their eggs at night. She seemed very tired from the ordeal.

The turtle in the nest hole after being turned over.
The journey back to the ocean took her awhile, but she made it!

So, in about 60 days the baby turtles should be hatching and hopefully making their way into the water. We are going to keep watch and maybe, if we are lucky, we will get see the babies hatch. You may remember from one of our blog posts a few years ago, we did see a group of newly hatched turtles make their way to the ocean (check it out here). It’s always a great feeling when you can help a creature get out of a helpless situation.

You probably would not expect to have an iguana looking at you through the window, but that is what happened to us the other day. We were in the main living area of the house (with the door open) when the dogs alerted us to a visitor outside on the pool deck.

The iguana took a defensive stance against Olivia and started whipping its tail toward her. The tail was hitting the glass and making a racket. I managed to close the door while Ellen called the dogs inside through the sliding door in our bedroom. Then I got my camera to take the photo. A beautiful creature for sure – very prehistoric looking!

The same sloth that we reported about in the last blog post has been coming back to the same tree located next to our pool deck. For the past month or so, we have seen her (we figured out it’s a female) for periods of several days at a time. Then she disappears for a couple of days before returning. Ellen decided we should name her “Slothie”. We have enjoyed photographing her and watching her graceful movements on the tree branches.

Slothy enjoys eating the leaves of the cecropia tree.

One of our favorites has to be the white-faced capuchins. They visit us fairly regularly, especially if they smell bananas nearby. When we harvest a stalk of green bananas from one of our trees, we hang it up by our carport to ripen. We recently had left a few ripe bananas hanging up and the monkeys came to help themselves. They are so cute and fun to watch.

The monkeys will do their best to try and scare you away!

Another amazing sunset! Be safe and stay well!!

6 thoughts on “Nature Provides Great Entertainment During the Pandemic!

  1. Thanks so much! Loved your great photos–just like National Geographic! Such an amazing and interesting array of animals. Stay well!
    Judy Taft

  2. Outstanding post. The pictures are beautiful. I always knew you took great pictures, but it seems you are shooting interesting video as well. Keep them coming!

    Be sure to get your absentee ballot for November. Those of us stuck in the States need some good news in the election.

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