Christmas in July

(Well, it really happened in December, but here it is July already! Where does the time go?)


The 3rd annual Christmas Party for some of the local children and families was held on December 22, 2018.  We are incredibly delinquent in our blog posting!  So sorry!!

Once again, Toni & Gib hosted the now greatly anticipated event with the help of Liz & Ray and Ellen & Ed.  Each year, we feel the need to outdo the previous year, or at least offer up something new.  Disney’s Frozen was a theme incorporated into the Snow Village and so a special backdrop was masterfully created by Toni, Ellen and Ed.


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Ellen and Toni were busy in the kitchen putting together the treats for the party.


Ellen has made it a tradition to give a handmade Christmas ornament to all of the children.  This year she crocheted over 50 Santas!


We always have some fun arts and crafts for the kids to enjoy and take home with them.




Liz helping the kids with the arts and crafts


Of course, a piñata filled with candies and treats was part of the fun.



Alfredo helps out by emptying the piñata into the air.


Time for a swim in the pool!

Wow!  The Snow Village and trains were incredible!  Over the top!  Toni and Gib really outdid themselves this year.


Click on the arrow below to watch the video of the amazing Snow Village…


Gib and Ray working in the outdoor kitchen.


Everyone enjoyed the delicious cookout!



Alfredo and Toni



Liz, Toni, Lorena and Ellen



Santa relaxes while Ellen hands out the Santa ornaments to the families as they depart.

A little Christmas cheer goes a long way to keep Santa happy!


We are already planning the next Christmas party.  The kids (and adults) enjoy it so much!

3 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. That is amazing and I’m sure pretty appreciated by all. Great to see all the smiles. Especially the kids. Thanks so much for posting. (and jealous from Ohio!)

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts! I looked back at my blog recently and realized I hadn’t added anything since 2016! So you’re much better than me. I really should try to recreate and add my trips since then. However, I have just moved. Right now, it sounds like more fun to try to recreate blog posts from years ago than to unpack and figure out what to do with boxes of stuff I haven’t seen in over 5 years. Looks like all is well with you. Love, Pam

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