Having Fun with Family

It has been a very long time since we have posted…but rest assured that we are doing well and enjoying the slower paced life at the beach!

We were very fortunate to have some family visit us recently.  Our son Erik and his girlfriend Susana were able to spend a week with us in early May.  We had fun eating out and touring the local wildlife sanctuary Villa Alturas near Uvita and the Vanilla Farm located near Naranjo (outside of Quepos).


Dinner at The Gate One Charter.  The airplane has been converted into a bar.  We are standing on one of the wings.


Susana and Erik enjoying craft beer at Fuego Brewery in Dominical.

Then, mid-July Ellen’s brother Britt and his girlfriend Krissie visited for a week.  We had a very relaxing time…mostly hanging out at the house enjoying our fantastic view.  We were incredibly lucky with the weather.  There were only a few sprinkles here and there.  They brought the good weather with them…and took it away when they left!  On the day they left we had 4.2 inches of rain in just an hour and a half.


Krissie and Britt enjoying the pool.  Krissie jumped right in, but Britt took a while…we thought it was going to take all day for him to get in the pool past his ankles!  After all, the pool was a cool 79 degrees!

fuego 2

Drinks and dinner at Fuego Brewery.


The drink menu at Fuego Brewery.


Britt ordered the craft beer sampler. 


Getting ready to go zip lining at Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge & Lodge, located just 10 minutes from our house.


Britt napping, which he seemed to do a lot, but then he was on a much needed vacation!


We were able to have some nice walks on our favorite beach Playa Linda.


Olivia and Wylder love to run and play on the beach.


A fun evening at Gib’s place who lives a little further up from us with friends Paul and Eugene who live on the lower part of our hill.


Gib cooking salmon for us in his new outdoor kitchen.  It was a fabulous meal!

Britt was on his laptop catching up on worldly events while Krissie enjoyed the view and caught up on her reading.  Olivia and Rusty kept her company.


Lunch at Toro Loco in Uvita.


Walking around Dominical

It helps to have a handyman around especially when you live in the jungle!  It’s not like we have AAA or an Auto Zone on every corner.  We had just pulled into the carport when Eddie realized there was something wrong with the truck.  He discovered very quickly that the radiator had a hole in it and needed to be replaced.  This happened late on a Friday afternoon.  Eddie first called the Toyota dealership in San Isidro to see if they had the part.  They did have it, but wanted over $1,600 for just the radiator!  This part would cost around $350 in the U.S.  So, Eddie called a few more places and found a third party Japanese-made radiator for $200.  Obviously, not the same quality as a Toyota, but it would get the job done.  (The truck is 12 years old.)  Fortunately, the part store was open on Saturdays and Eddie was able to borrow Gib’s car to go and fetch the radiator.  It was quite job to do the replacement.  He had to remove several parts to get to the radiator.  It took him all afternoon to do it!



Eddie replacing the radiator. 


Driving the pets to the vet in Quepos for Olivia and Rusty’s annual check-ups.  Rusty hates to ride in the truck and meows all the way there. 


Wylder likes to sit on the edge of the pool deck for long stretches like a gargoyle looking for animals below.


Olivia is such a sweet doggie!  She took a liking to Krissie and vice versa.  Olivia was so sad when Krissie had to leave.


The Masked Tree Frog is a regular visitor to our pool at night.


Celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary (June 21st) at Heliconia, a great restaurant in Ojochal.


Another beautiful sunset!  We never get tired of our view.


4 thoughts on “Having Fun with Family

  1. Wow! Such great pics, Ellen! You guys are so blessed and I feel so blessed to be able to see
    y’all “livin’ the dream!” 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, and how nice to have your family visit! I just have one question for you……is there anything that Eddie CAN”T do?! LOL ! seriously tho….! 😉 Love and hugs to you both and all your sweet beautiful animals , too! ❤

  2. Great blog, Ellen! I love the photo of you, Eddie, Erik and Susana. You all look so happy and relaxed! And, could you and Eddie look any cuter than you do in your anniversary picture?

    And, to Patty Schanski…no…there isn’t anything my brother can’t do!! He’s amazing!!

    Love to all,

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