What’s New (or Old)?

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun.  We are so sorry that it has been more than two months since our last post!  (As if you were holding your breath, ha ha!)  Anyway, we wanted to let you know what’s been happening with us here in paradise!

It was a great beginning to the new year with a fabulous New Year’s Eve celebration at Toni & Gib’s, who are the ultimate party hosts.  If you are lucky enough to go to a party at their place, you can be sure that it will be nothing but TOP NOTCH.


New Year’s Eve with friends

Soon thereafter, came another celebration… Ellen’s birthday!  The amazing Toni & Gib did it again by putting on a great party with a birthday cake and all.  Paul and Eugenio, our resident plant experts, gave Ellen a beautiful Desert Rose, Adenium obesum for her birthday.  Ellen was also treated to a birthday cake from our friends at Los Chorros in Tinamaste.

A few projects at the property have been completed recently.  One had to do with our septic system.  The house waste lines are separated into black and gray water, but both were going into the same leach field, which was not adequate in size.  So, a new drainage field (actually pit is a better descriptor) was created for the gray water system.


It has been just over two years since the construction of our house was finished and we anticipated that we would have a flood of family and friends coming to visit us.  Well, for one reason or another, that hasn’t exactly happened yet.  So, it was exciting news when Eddie got an email from his college buddy’s sister, Jane, saying that she and Jeff were in Costa Rica vacationing and wanted to stop over for a visit.  Jane and Jeff are planning to make the move to Costa Rica within the year, so we had lots to talk about.


Ellen’s has become extremely talented at making beaded jewelry.  Her work is so beautiful and amazing.  Of course, she couldn’t have come this far without the expert direction from Rusty the cat (LOL)!



It’s amazing what a talented cat can do!

The “pot man” (no not that kind) comes to our area every 3 or 4 months and sells beautifully decorated ceramic pots from his truck.  He goes to a small village in Mexico where they are made and buys a container load of pots to ship back to Costa Rica.  Recently, Ellen found some great ones for our entryway and pool area.

A few weeks ago, our good friend Susie had a birthday.  We joined her and our mutual friends, Joanne and Buck, for a sunset champagne toast on the beach before a nice dinner at Por Que No Restaurante.  The sunset was awesome!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Some of Eddie’s photos on canvas give a wow factor to our living space


Another project that finally got finished.  Eddie cut, sanded and varnished the two teak tree trunks to make the base for this onyx/quartz tabletop that we purchased over a year ago.

Eddie enjoys brewing his own beer and wanted to share some of his brews with our friends, so we decided to invite everyone up for an afternoon party.  He had three different ales for everyone to try… a nut brown ale, a spiced winter ale and a wheat beer.  In addition, there were some Costa Rican craft beers for everyone to try and compare.  The favorite of most people was the nut brown ale.  Of course, Eddie has plans to make that one again!



A man and his loyal dog taking in the beautiful view!


2 thoughts on “What’s New (or Old)?

  1. There are more people stalking/watching your story than you think. Love the stories, pictures and even the every day struggles (adding to the leach field) – gives a nice touch. You make a lot of us ‘back in the states’ jealous. With the exception of being able to run to Kroger and getting a quick microbrew at the bar down the street, you make 99.9% of us jealous. Question – how was your Spanish before, during and now current after your move down there??

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