Keeping Busy

It’s been a while since we have posted an update…not sure where the time goes!  We spend a lot of time hiking on our hill, walking on the beach, chilling out by the pool and enjoying our fabulous view.  Our projects and hobbies keep us pretty busy, too.


The carport is still a work in progress. Getting things organized is taking some time. Eddie built closets to house his tools and supplies.  He needed more shelves for the one closet and decided to make a removable unit.  He welded together the frame and used treated wood for the shelves.  I helped with the painting.  This project took quite a while.  The oil based primer took several days to dry.  Everything needed two coats of primer and then two coats of paint.


Another time consuming project…an enclosure to protect (and hide) the propane tanks. I think that Eddie really likes to weld.  He keeps thinking up projects where he can do it!  The wooden front is removable; it just pulls off for easy access to the tanks.  Not sure how Eddie managed it, but the enclosure has the same finished texture as the outside of the house.  Very impressive!

When I’m not cleaning or reading a book, I’m making beaded macrame jewelry.  Recently my friend Liz sent me a photo of a gorgeous beaded rope bracelet that she saw in the Portland Museum gift shop.  I could tell that it was much thicker than the macrame rope bracelet that I have been making and I was determined to figure out how to make one. After a bit of research online, it was quite a surprise to find out that the bracelet was crocheted!  It took hours and hours of  watching several YouTube tutorials, taking notes, ripping out my work and starting over to FINALLY figure it out!  It’s a challenge to get it started, but after a couple of rows, it becomes easier.  I’m currently working on my second one, which is shown in the photo.  It will be fun to create new patterns and finish them in different ways.



Rusty is never too far away when we are working on something.  He is a good supervisor!

As we have mentioned before, the torrential rains can cause a lot of problems.  Drainage of the rain water from the properties and road above us were eroding parts of our driveway.  When we had our driveway regraded, we had the backhoe guy add some boulders to help slow down the water that cascades into our gutter.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, so Eddie built a little wall using concrete and river rock.  So far, it has worked, but the true test will be in October, which is typically when we have the most rain.


Time for a little treat!  Olivia (little white and black dog) doesn’t like to take her Nexgard, so Eddie has to bribe her with some cheese.  Of course, everyone has to have a little bit, even Rusty.

One of Rusty’s favorite spots to relax.          Wylder likes to watch out for critters.


Olivia spotted this huge crab and alerted me before I stepped on it.  I didn’t even see it until it went into attack mode.  We talked about eating him for lunch, but he disappeared as quickly as he appeared.  This is the first time we have seen a crab like this one.  (Eddie took the photo.)


Every morning we eat breakfast on the patio – rain or shine!


Checking up on the fruit trees on the upper part of our lot.


A rain storm coming in from over the ocean.