… and Now The Dry Season is Almost Over

If you are following this blog, you know it has been awhile since our last post.  It’s not that we have been incredibly busy, but rather there has not been that much new to report on.  So, sorry about the long dry spell.

Early in January, our son Erik, came for a visit.  It was great to have him here and spend time together.  Erik has been to Costa Rica several times before, and has done many of the adventure activities available.  So, being a little tired from working, he just wanted to take it easy and relax.


We did some walking on the beach.


Checked out Dominical’s own microbrew pub, Fuego.

Erik was only able to be here for a week, but timed his visit so he was here for Ellen’s birthday.  Toni and Gib threw a party to celebrate, and as always, it was a blast.

2017 Birthday

Our new dog, Wylder, is adjusting well to her new surroundings.  She, Olivia and Rusty all get along well together.  IMG_1612e

We got Wylder in Nosara, located on the Nicoya peninsula, where there is a little less wildlife than in our neck of the woods.  One day, she and Olivia went barking after some animal just down the hill from the pool.  I quickly called them back, but I guess not quick enough as Wylder got a taste of what we have here.  She came back with a gash across her nose from what we think was a pizote (aka coati), a member of the racoon family.  Wylder’s nose was bleeding quite a bit and I was concerned about infection.  It was a Friday afternoon and Ellen had taken the truck to go to her beading/craft class.  So, I called Doctor Fabiola, a local vet who makes house calls!  She came up to the house on her motorcycle and tended to Wylder’s nose.  Fortunately, it healed up fine without any problems.


This is how Wylder’s nose looked the next day.  The liquid bandage that was applied did not stick too well (the nose tissue is too soft for stitches).  So, it just had to heal on its own.

In early February, we had the honor of attending a baby shower for Geovany’s daughter (Geovany and his crew does our gardening).  We were excited to have the opportunity to get to know some more of our Tico neighbors and see how they put on a baby shower.


We had a fun time at the shower.  Three weeks later, mom gave birth to a 8lb. 7oz. baby girl!


Some of the guys get to know a little of what it is like to be pregnant, when they are asked to tie their shoes!

One important project that was completed is the construction of a retaining wall and drainage system where we had a landslide last August when almost 11 inches of rain fell in just 5 hours.  The wall will stabilize the area from having any further problems in the future.


The retaining wall as viewed from down below


Rain water from the pool deck and surrounding areas will now be channeled and piped down the hill.

In mid-February, Ellen flew to the states and I followed at the beginning of March for a visit with family and friends in North Carolina.  For me, this was a long overdue trip as I had not been back for 18 months.  It was great to see everyone!IMG_0635e

One of the things that I did while in North Carolina was to assist Erik with finding a car to replace his 17 year old car.  We had fun looking around at cars and finally made a deal on a nice 2013 Camry.


Erik with his sweet new ride!

While away in North Carolina, we had a great, young Canadian couple house sit for us.  They took great care of our place and loved our pets like they were their own.  It gave us peace of mind to know that all would be OK while we were away.

Another project that got finished up recently was the construction of a stairway to make it easier to access the upper portion of our property.  We have a variety of fruit trees planted up there and so wanted a way to get up there without killing ourselves.


Juan and Vergilio did a nice job constructing this stairway out of river rock.

Our first big pineapple was recently harvested  from up there!


One early morning with nobody in sight, the dogs had a fun run on the beach!

So, that pretty much brings you up-to-date for now.  This dry season has been a hot one, for sure!  So now everyone is looking forward to when the rains start to come back again, which should be in a few more weeks.  Pura vida!

2 thoughts on “… and Now The Dry Season is Almost Over

  1. Sorry we didn’t get to see you while you were here, Ed. We had a great time at Gammy’s party. We loved seeing Ellen and BOTH the kids! I love those new stairs! The pictures on the blog were great. Love reading about your life there. Love, Aunt Marsha

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