The Dry Season is Here…FINALLY!

Amazingly the rains continued into December.  We received 14.75 inches!  Most of it happened within the first week.  We were beginning to think that the rainy season would never go away!  Slowly, but surely, the heavy rains have petered out and the sun has returned.  It was not a moment too soon for me…cabin fever was setting in and had me wishing for a mall close by for some shopping therapy. img_1567e

The rainy season didn’t seem to affect Eddie much…he spent time catching up on the indoor projects as well as doing some cooking.  He had some fun making pizza and it was delicious!

For several months we had been looking for a piece of furniture for our living area for extra storage and to display a few trinkets.  We had trouble finding something ready-made, so Eddie designed a hutch and a furniture maker built it. It took three months start to finish, but it was worth the wait.


The piece is made from Cenizaro wood.  The glass shelves for the top were too big and we had to have them re-cut. 

In mid-December, we drove to Nosara in Guanacaste to pick up the newest addition to our family, our dog Wylder, who had finished her training.  Wylder is 15 months old and a mix of Belgium Malinois  and Dutch Shepherd.  She is an awesome dog!  img_0416e

Wylder has adjusted quite well to her new home.  Olivia seems very happy to have another dog around the house and Rusty seems glad to have another “buddy,” too.  All three of them are getting along well.img_0460e

As Christmas approached, Toni (our neighbor just up the hill) suggested that we have a little Christmas party for all the Tico children on our mountain and for the children of our workers who live in our town.  Word spread quickly and before we knew it, we were planning for a huge crowd.  Toni offered to host the party.  Her husband Gib put up their snow village complete with motorized cable cars and a beautiful Christmas tree.  Toni, Liz and I came up with some activities for the children – decorating gift bags (for all the treats) and cut-out sugar cookies, and a piñata filled with candy.  We wrapped some small gifts for each child and Toni’s son played Santa’s Elf.  The weather cooperated and we had a gorgeous sunny day!

Last week, we took Rusty and Wylder to the veterinarian for check-ups.  We found out that Rusty weighs almost 14 pounds!  Wow!  He should really weigh about 11 pounds, so he has been put on a diet.  And, he is NOT happy about it.  The experience going to the vet seems to have brought Rusty and Wylder closer together.


A selfie with Rusty on the way to the vet. Rusty doesn’t like to ride in the truck.


On the way home…they both survived!


Now they are best buddies!


Walking the dogs on our crowded beach.


Wonder how many calories are in this bug?

New Year’s Eve at Toni and Gib’s.  Toni (on the left) and Liz (on the right) of me. Toni calls us the Tres Amigas.  We have a lot fun doing things together!


A pineapple growing in our garden.  Looks like something took a nibble.


4 thoughts on “The Dry Season is Here…FINALLY!

  1. Glad the rains have finally stopped. What a gorgeous sunset picture! And your new hutch is fabulous! I just love the wood!!! Wylder has the wood’s different colors in his fur. He looks like a great addition to the family. Happy New Year to you and all your family! Love, Judy

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