Hoel Happenings in Hatillo

It has been a busy time for us!  Amazingly there is still a lot to do around the house and yard.  We have been looking around for furniture – in particular chairs for the outdoor dining table.  Our friends George and Susie gave us a slab of Guanacaste wood that was cut 20 years ago. Our furniture maker finished it for us and made it into a table (Eddie’s design).  The slab was originally 4 meters long and we had it cut down to 3.5 meters (11.5 feet). The table is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you George and Susie!!!


Eddie continues to work on welding metal cabinets for his tools in the carport.  He has finished the first set and it turned out great.  I am very impressed with his welding abilities!

Finally, the hood vent for the stove/range that we ordered online in April arrived…mid-July. There were a lot of problems with customs now as they are enforcing new rules. It has been a huge hassle for everyone, but this is Costa Rica after all.  Patience is a virtue, that is for sure!  It took Eddie several days to dig through the cement block. Our builder came by to help him finish chopping through the block, but was not able to help with installing the hood, which was fine…our builder is not a big guy. We did not want him to get hurt as the range hood is very heavy. So, Eddie was able to install it, thanks to our friends Toni and Gib’s young and strong great-nephew. It was quite a chore to install…and I had to help too…holding the flashlight!


Our builder, Marvin, is cutting re-bar from the hole through the wall

The yard is coming along, as well. The plantings from two months ago are flourishing. It is incredible at how fast everything grows during the rainy season. Eddie decided that he wanted a winding path down the bank in front of the pool in order to get to the banana trees a bit easier. So, our yard guys dug out some dirt steps and a path. Last week, they added treated pine to define the steps and eventually gravel will be put on the steps and path so it will not get too muddy. We plan to have them plant more fruit trees in that part of the yard.


Looking up at the house from the hillside below


Steps cut into the hillside


Ellen with ant bait – looking for leaf-cutter ants which can strip a tree overnight!


Rusty helps too, of course!

At the end of July, we had our first overnight guests – our friends Tia and Mary Carmen.  They were vacationing in Costa Rica and spent their last two nights with us.  As always, we had a great time with them.  They are a hoot!


Sorting through sea beans found on Pavones beach


Rusty and Olivia are doing well, though we have had an interesting development.  In early July, our neighbors Liz and Ray moved here permanently with their eight year old miniature poodle, Zorro.  They live right above us…you can see their gazebo as you drive down our driveway. Olivia has fallen in love with Zorro! She wants to spent most of her time with him at Liz and Ray’s place.  She is so much in love with him that she is willing to miss her meals, which is a bit worrisome. However, Olivia is helping Zorro to adjust to living in the jungle.  She is teaching him how to be a Tico dog. They wander all over and we suspect that they are sneaking into Toni and Gib’s house and eating all of their cats’ food. So, I guess we really do not need to worry that she does not want to eat when she is home. Rusty is absolutely devastated that his BFF has left him. He misses Olivia so much. After several weeks of Olivia spending most days and nights with Zorro, we started tying up Olivia at night so that she would have some meals and spend time with us and Rusty.  We miss her, too!  In the mornings not long after we would untie her, she would manage to sneak away to visit her boyfriend. And, Rusty would be so sad.


Occasionally, Zorro wants to stay with Olivia at our place. He is a cute doggie and easy to have around. It is nice that all three pets get along so well!


The routine started to change a little bit when we brought our new dog named Wylder home to visit for a couple of weeks. We bought her from Latigo K9 in Nosara on the Nicoya Peninsula in January.  Wylder is 11 months old and still in training, but we wanted her to get to know us, Olivia and Rusty, so she is visiting for a few weeks.  We will have her full time at the end of November.


Wylder is a mix of Dutch Shepard and Belgian Malinois


All the animals welcoming Wylder to our place


Making everyone feel at ease together

Olivia took to Wylder right away…wanting to play with her despite their size difference. Rusty was more cautious and rightfully so as it turns out Wylder needs a bit more training around cats. Wylder is not interested in Olivia at all, but focuses all her attention on Rusty.


Rusty, being a typical cat, teases Wylder a bit and gets Wylder in trouble. So we are having to be very diligent so there are no casualties!  Never a dull moment in the Hoel household.




One thought on “Hoel Happenings in Hatillo

  1. Even the carport is looking great. What kind of tile is on the floor? We would have assumed most carports would just have gravel to help deal with water runoff issues. Glad to see you are also being proactive on the leaf cutter ant front. A little lesson about fruit trees/pests/production might be in the works. Not all tropical fruits that we are accustomed to in the US fare well in CR. Thanks for the updates!

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