The Time to Plant

As we are now into the rainy season, it is the time to plant.  It is the time when frequent rains and more subdued sunshine nurture plants so they have a chance to become established  before the next dry season which starts in December.


We decided that it was too much work for us to do alone, so we hired a landscaper to help. He came over and assessed our landscaping needs.  Then, he met Eddie at the nursery in Quapil, which is next door to our little town Hatillo, and helped Eddie chose the plants and trees.  It took his crew several days to do all the planting and they still have a little bit more to do.  We are very pleased with the results!


Meanwhile, Eddie worked on making my clothesline. His next big project is to make metal storage cabinets for the carport to store all of his tools and stuff.



We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary at La Parcela in Dominicalito.  Adrian, the fantastic chef, cooked an awesome meal for us.


Ellen had grilled Red Snapper


Another spectacular sunset!


10 thoughts on “The Time to Plant

  1. Happy anniversary to both of you! I am talking to Howard more and more about the possibility of a Costa Rica move given our current politics 😉

    • You should see the other steep bank that overlooks the creek and small waterfall. We had to put this black tarp over the dirt and anchor it with plants and stakes. It’s amazing how fast the foliage grows here!

  2. I love the landscaping! Your house keeps getting more and more spectacular. We next door are the little train who could. puff puff puff. Happy anniversary!! We will see you very soon!! xoxoxo

  3. Your many plantings look terrific! Such fun to create such beautiful landscapes. Continue to enjoy and Happy Anniversary! We are going to celebrate our 45th in Granada in September.

  4. Really enjoy seeing all the tropicals put in the ground. One of our favorites are the lipstick palms. Did you have any room to add fruit trees on the lot, too? You should do a time lapse sequence for the next 10-12 weeks of a picture in the same spot once per week to show how quickly everything grows down there

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