Making Outside Improvements – Part 2

Yesterday the final touches to the driveway were completed. It ended up being a bigger project and took more time than we anticipated…and more $$$ as well. We are very pleased with the end result! We have plenty of room to park and turn around. In addition, we are well prepared for the heavy rains.



Front entrance walkway


This gutter empties into a large tube that carries the water down the hill.



Another drain that goes down the hill


Newly planted landscaping on the terrace


Pathway around the rear of the house


A nice collection of plants and cuttings ready to be planted.  These were given to us by our good friends Chris and Rich from their gardens.

Last week we took Olivia and Rusty to the veterinarian in Quepos to be spayed and neutered. In Spanish there is no distinction…it is just called castration. So poor Olivia and Rusty were castrated. Olivia was very traumatized mostly because of the cone. She came home with all sorts of medications.  Rusty, on the other hand, took it all in stride. He was not bothered with it at all and the only evidence of his surgery was silver-like “paint” on his much smaller scrotum. We know that Olivia is looking forward to having the cone removed in a few days.


Olivia and Rusty on the drive home from the vet office.


Olivia and Rusty enjoying the sunset that evening.


At the peak of the sunset. If you look very closely at the far right of the coastline, the little peninsula is Manuel Antonio National Park.

3 thoughts on “Making Outside Improvements – Part 2

  1. Great blog post! Laughed out loud at the photo of Olivia and Rusty looking at the sunset. Poor girl in her “cone of shame!” 🙂

  2. Just when we think you’re done, another big(ger) project pops up that makes sense and gets done. The house and property look great. When will you put your feet up, pull some fruit off the trees and relax?

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