Little by Little

Every day we make a little bit more progress!  Eddie has spent a lot of time installing our security system and working on the gate. He is currently painting the metal on the gate  black.  Next he will be applying marine varnish on the wood and painting the walls a dark green.


Eddie is working on installing the electric gate opener.


While waiting for the kitchen cabinets, I spent much of my time cleaning up the dust, which seems to be never ending.  Just when I think I’m making a dent in it, someone comes over and creates more of it!  The kitchen cabinets were installed two weeks ago.  It took the workers two full days to do the work.  They are beautiful!  IMG_0881eIMG_1102eIMG_1104e

The granite counter tops were installed 10 days after the kitchen cabinets. It took them a full day to do the work…and you guessed it…they created more dust!  The fine white dust was everywhere.  Unfortunately, they had to cut the hole for the kitchen sink inside the house and that made things even worse.  When the workers took their breaks, I would vacuum up as much of it as possible.


In February, we drove to San Jose to a huge warehouse where we chose the granite for two of the bathroom vanities and the kitchen counter top. This is just one isle of many in the warehouse. It seemed to go on forever.


This is one of three granite slaps that we chose for the kitchen. It was amazing watching the crane move the slabs from one place to another.


Danny and his worker getting ready to make the first cut for the sinks for the master suite bathroom vanity.


Here they are working on cutting the hole for the kitchen sink. Despite using a shop-vac, the dust found its way all over the house.



The granite is absolutely gorgeous!  Danny and his guys did a fantastic job installing it. 


The pass through from the kitchen to the terrace. This was Eddie’s idea and it’s a great one.


The outdoor kitchen.  We’re calling it the Rancho. Eddie really likes his beer refrigerator!

As soon as the granite guys left, I started cleaning up. I have become obsessed with getting rid of all the dust!  The next morning, Eddie sealed the granite and it was hard to wait the six hours for it to set. I had only a week to do the unpacking before I head back to NC for a six week visit. I really wanted the kitchen to be all organized for Eddie who is staying behind to continue to work on the house.  He has a long “honey do” list.


The unpacking frenzy has begun. I’m finding it a challenge to find a spot for everything. This kitchen is half the size of the one in Chapel Hill and I admit that I have too much stuff.



Eddie enjoying his first dip into the pool. This was taken before the granite was installed.


Rusty and Olivia are best friends!  Rusty is six months old now and Olivia is around a year old. Lopez our former caretaker gave us Olivia so that Rusty wouldn’t be lonely.

One thought on “Little by Little

  1. The house is beautiful!!
    Love the granite and cabinets. It is a never ending battle to clean believe me.
    I am glad you have Olivia—she looks really cute and I am sure you will spoil her a lot.
    Overcast and cloudy here with rain—at least it is not snow.
    Easter went by in a blur and now back to work. We were closed on Friday so it was a nice long weekend.
    I did some things around the house. We went out for dinner yesterday—buffet—everyone had their fill and then we all went home—no cooking and no dishes.
    My other niece Michelle ( she is really my cousin but I call her my niece) was in from Boalsburg with her family. Her son will be graduating from high school in June—I can’t believe that. Don’t know where the time has gone.
    We had dinner with them on Saturday night.
    This week have dinner with friends and a movie on Leonardo Da Vinci—that is it for me.
    We are going to be taking care of my sister in laws two dogs for 2 weeks next month—the Stetz house will be crazy I am sure.
    Try not to work too hard and enjoy all those new things!!

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