Our House is “Finished” – Week 39

Well, as you all have probably guessed, we have moved into our house!  Unfortunately, the house wasn’t ready for us, so we have been frantically working on it to make it livable. And, it hasn’t been easy!   This is why we have been off-line for these past four weeks.  The move was absolutely crazy…bordering on chaos.  But, before we get into the big move, let’s get caught up first.


This slice of Cristobal wood is going to be hung on the wall above the kitchen bar.  Eddie is preparing the hooks on the backside of the piece.


A piece of rebar and a notch make a place for hooks to hold up the wood piece.


Eddie uses a template to locate the hooks on the wall.


Workers hoist the wood up the scaffolding in preparation to hang it.  The slice of Cristobal is very heavy.



Success!  Now, down comes the scaffolding.


The entry gate is taking shape.


Manglillo wood is used for the gate.


Eddie is installing a water meter.



Eddie and Marvin are working on the water line from the storage tank to the house.


Eddie is installing the water booster pump and filtration system.


Rusty the cat is checking on the progress of the pool.


The pool is almost ready for water.


This is the plumbing for the pool pump and filter.


Eddie is installing supports for the big shelf above the bar.  Again, Rusty is supervising to make sure all goes well.



A big slab of Cenizaro wood makes a beautiful shelf.


The carpentry crew are installing the interior wood doors.

So, you have seen that we have been very busy these past few weeks.  Ellen has been cleaning like crazy.  Dust is everywhere!  It’s a never ending battle trying to keep up with it.  The next installment will be about moving day.  Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Our House is “Finished” – Week 39

  1. Thank you for sharing you building adventure. The home looks amazing. One day soon we hope to build our own home in Costa Rica and, despite the challenges, I’m finding your experience and outcomes to be very encouraging. Nicely done. 🙂

  2. The house looks great. Cannot wait until it is 100 percent move in ready. You should seriously consider hiring yourselves out as a GC for other like minded people, based on what you’ve learned and would consider doing differently. There must be a decent market for it. So happy for you both.
    Lora and Darren Ackerman

  3. Eddie, I’ve always said you can do anything…and this house certainly proves it! Congratulations on finishing your dream house. I hope you and Ellen are very happy in it for decades! xoxo

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