Building Our House – Week 35

These past two weeks have been extremely busy as we are coming into the final stretch!  There are still some major things to do like hooking up the water and electric.  We are hoping all those things will be done this week.  Then, the house needs a major clean up.  There is dust everywhere!

The guys finished installing the septic system, applying another coat of paint and starting the clean up of the building debris.  The construction of the entrance gate on the driveway is well underway.

This week the electrician and his crew are installing the ceiling fans, lights, etc.

We hope that the house will be ready enough so that we can move into it sometime next week.  It will be a bit like camping.  The mattress will be on the floor.  The granite for the bathroom vanities isn’t ready yet, so we decided we could make do with just the laundry room sink.  The kitchen cabinets won’t be ready until the end of the month, but we can hook up the refrigerator and we have a grill.  I’m sure we can make it work.  It will be wonderful just to be in our own home!

Marvin Montoya and his sons of Cherepo Construction have done a great job building our home.  If you are looking to build a house in this region of Costa Rica, we recommend that you talk with Marvin about your project.  He can be reached by email at



Our front door with a carved butterfly


Working on the columns for the gate


The septic tank being buried


This is the door from the living room out to the terrace


Lots of cleaning to do!


The vanity in the guest suite is installed


The two 68 inch fans installed in the living room






6 thoughts on “Building Our House – Week 35

  1. Wow…..I haven’t had a chance to catch up with you here for a while and I can see I’ve missed a lot! Looks absolutely gorgeous, Ellen! Do you guys have to pinch yourselves every morning when you wake up to make sure you’re not dreaming?! 😉

  2. The house looks great. You’re making everyone else not living there jealous. We bought a lot in Platanillo (Cacao Ridge) and hope to build in 5-7 years. Would you mind providing the name of your builder, and (understand if you wouldn’t want to) the ballpark cost per sf? Just trying to get a basis set up. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and stories.

  3. Hola de parte de constructora cherepo estamos a sus órdenes,podemos cotizarles cuando gusten,somos una empresa familiar residente de dominical formada por Marvin Montoya e hijos y construimos en cualquier lugar donde nos necesiten es nuestro email

    Hello from the cherepo construction company. We are at your service and can quote you when you like. We are a family company, residents of Dominical, formed by Marvin Montoya & sons and we build anywhere where we are needed. is our email.

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