Building our House – Week 33

After a 10 day break for the holidays, the workers returned to our house all rested and ready to finish up the project.  They have completed the ceiling and it looks beautiful.  The tile work throughout the house is almost finished.  It looks awesome!



Guest suite bathroom and shower with glass partition

The guys are working on laying the Coralina limestone around the pool and are pointing up the interior walls.  They are close to putting on the final coats of paint for both the interior and exterior of the house.  The electrician is getting ready to install the outlets, switches, ceiling fans and light fixtures.


Last week, the window company installed the windows, sliding door in the master suite, folding door from the living area to the pool and the glass shower partition in two of the baths.  Next up: installing the septic and water tanks, and building the gate.  We are coming into the final weeks!  Yea!!!


We are so eager to move into our new digs that we have decided to make the move  before everything is finished.  The kitchen and interior doors won’t be ready for several more weeks.  The same goes for our bedroom furniture, sofa and TV cabinet.  Guess we’ll be sleeping on the floor and cooking on the grill for a while!


This is the panel for the front door being carved with a butterfly


Another pretty sunset from our new house

Our Vision Becoming a Reality

So here is a fun little thing that I put together… during the course of construction, I’ve periodically taken photos of the house construction project from the same vantage point.  In time-lapse fashion, I put a series of these photos together to show the progress of the construction from the beginning until now.  Hope you like it!