Building our House – Week 6


Overcast skies were predominant during this week.

There was a little more rain this week, which made the building site a bit muddy, but it didn’t slow down the workers too much.  These photos were taken today (Saturday), so none of the construction crew was there.  They normally work 6am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and have the weekends to recuperate.

View of Manuel Antonio

View of Manuel Antonio


Work continued this week on forming the structural columns in the walls.  Re-bar cages which reinforce the crown beams have been placed at the top of the walls.  Next week the forms will be constructed which will shape the crown beams.


In addition, the swimming pool is taking shape.  The re-bar of the pool floor and walls was bent and put in place.


This is looking into the entryway of the house from the carport. On the other side of the half wall on the left, we will have a nice landscaped/garden area.


We found this little guy on one of the railing posts around our pool at our rental house.  It was finally determined that it is a Boa.  He hides underneath a wooden plank on which we put bananas for the birds.  Not sure if he is thinking about his next meal…


4 thoughts on “Building our House – Week 6

  1. Things are really coming along—looks good. I am not a fan of the python that is for sure. This week I have nothing planned-have to get ready for the garage sale on Saturday. Hope I can get rid of a lot of stuff!!
    Overcast and cloudy here today but Tuesday-Thursday hot and humid. Then I hope it cools off a little.
    We sat on the patio last night and enjoyed some wine—it started out being warm and then cooled off—I think someone had rain but not us.
    Have a good week and keep the pictures coming.

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