Building our House – Week 4

During this past week, much progress has been made on our house.  The guys are working really hard.  They never seem to be idle.  Yesterday, Eddie met the architect/engineer for the weekly inspection and he was amazed at how quickly things are moving along!  Fortunately, the weather is cooperating, too.  If all goes according to plan, the house should be completed sometime in March.

This is the overall site after week 4.

This is the overall site after week 4.


Walls are now going vertical. This view shows the entrance way and the carport behind, where the blocks are stacked.


Digging out the area of the swimming pool.


Swimming pool


Here the bed for the waste lines is being prepared to the proper slope.


One thought on “Building our House – Week 4

  1. It looks like things are really moving along. I bet you can’t wait to see the finished product. Do you have any of your furniture there or are you buying all new things? I forgot to ask you that.
    Weather here has been nice for the weekend—this is the first weekend no rain since the beginning of June.
    Saturday went to an antique show with my sister and then to the Wildflower concert—it was outside this time and beautiful. Yesterday stayed home—that was my weekend.
    This week have some dinners with friends which is always fun.
    Thanks for the update on things.

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