Still Waiting…

Well, a week has gone by and we are still waiting for our building permit. Sigh.  Even with a facilitator, the process is slow, slow, slow!   It seems that most things are slow here and that is something which is very difficult for most gringos. We aren’t used to having to wait very long for anything.  Sometimes the slow pace is enough to drive a person crazy!

Last Friday, we met the facilitator at the municipality office in Quepos.  He was already inside chatting with the employee at the desk.  When we arrived, he led us outside to tell us the bad news.  We needed two additional documents before the municipality would grant our permit – one document proving that our well water is drinkable (a simple water test) and the other proving that our well is properly registered with the government agency called Senara.  Interesting…seems that the facilitator should have know about these two requirements, but hey, it’s Costa Rica.

Earlier this week, we managed to get a copy of the document needed for Senara and we took a water sample to the lab in Quepos.  The water results take four days at this lab.  So, hopefully we will have the results in time to stop by the municipality office for the permit Friday afternoon.  If not, it will be next week sometime.

Ellen painting the column for the electric meter.

Ellen painting the column for the electric meter.


Now it blends better with the jungle!


3 thoughts on “Still Waiting…

  1. Hang in there Ellen. We are in the airport on our way to St. Louis again. Tim’s 99 year old dad died on Sunday. We are really going to miss him ! Hope things break on your house. Love, Judy

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