Going Bananas


We’re going bananas feeding the birds and monkeys bananas!  We can’t seem to help ourselves…these animals are so much fun to watch.  We have lots of fun taking pictures of them, too.  It’s nice that bananas are almost free in Costa Rica.

Several Toucans have decided to partake in eating the bananas on the makeshift bird feeder that sits on one of the cement posts on the pool deck.  They usually land in the middle of the railing closest to the bird feeder platform.  They hop slowly toward the platform while panning their heads.  When they determine it’s safe, they hop onto the platform.  At first they nibble on the banana and then next thing we know, they are flying off with the entire banana.

IMG_2822e IMG_2817e

The monkeys are particularly amusing.  They come by so often that we’ve noticed their distinct personalities.  They are becoming braver, too.  Just the other day, the monkeys stopped by for a visit.  I had towels and clothes drying on the clothes line.  One monkey walked along the railing tugging on each item!  He was rather fond of the towels.  He would take the corner of a towel and rub his little face with it.  Good thing I had everything anchored with clothes pins!  I had visions of my undies ending up in our neighbor’s back yard.  Now, that would have been awkward.


This is a spider monkey that hangs out with the white faced monkeys


We have been told several times by many different people that you have to be careful of the monkeys because they like to steal things.  And, if they do manage to take something, you won’t ever get it back.  Once when we were hiking in Manual Antonio National Park, I had a tug of war with a monkey who was trying to take a small plastic bag away from me.  He thought I had food in it, but I only had bug spray.  The little guy was quite strong, but I won the battle and the monkey was so disappointed!

IMG_2799e IMG_2789e IMG_2778e

Our caretaker Lopez has warned us that if the monkeys become too comfortable, they will come farther into the property and probably start to go through the trash.  He speaks from experience.  So occasionally we let the dogs bark at them and chase them off.  The monkeys still return and the last time they were here, one walked right up to our sliding glass door, which was open and pushed on the screen.  Then he put his little hands on the wrought iron bars and peeked in looking at us.  It was like we were in the zoo being watched by the monkeys!


The flash from this photo made the little guy jump and run for the trees.

Christmas Day at Toni & Gib's

Christmas Day at Toni & Gib’s

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