Enjoying Time with Friends and Neighbors

A couple of weeks ago, several of us spent the afternoon at Eddie and Betty’s watching football games and sharing delicious munchies.  (Appetizers are called bocas here.)  Everyone brought a a boca to share.  It was a fun afternoon!

Football Sunday at Eddie & Betty's

Football Sunday at Eddie & Betty’s

That same evening about 8 p.m. we received a phone call from our neighbors Doug and Corinne who were on their way home from Eddie and Betty’s.  They were parked outside our gate.  It had been raining heavily and there had been a huge landslide just past our rental so the road was blocked.  Since they couldn’t get past the landslide, we invited them to spend the night in the other house.  The next morning we all went out to take a look at the damage. The following are some photos of the landslide, which caused a big tree to fall over.  It took several hours to clean up the mess.

Corinne, Doug and Eddie checking out the landslide on the road

Corinne, Doug and Eddie checking out the landslide on the road


Corinne and I had a lot of fun talking about our favorite recipes.  One of her specialties is baking cinnamon rolls.  Not only did she share her recipe with me, she taught me how to make them!  It is an all day event, so we arranged to work on them later in the week.  On the morning we were to get together the power went out, but we decided that if it didn’t come back on when it was time to bake the rolls, we would try to do it on the grill.  As soon as we arrived where Doug and Corinne were staying, the power came back on…yea!

The rolls take several hours to make as the dough needs a lot of time to rise, but it’s worth all the time and effort.  They tasted fantastic!  I don’t eat much wheat, so I had to restrain myself.  Eddie on the other hand enjoyed several.  Even so, it’s a good thing the rolls freeze well.  It would be problematic to outgrow our clothes here!   There isn’t much shopping in our area; the nearest mall is in San Jose.


After our baking session, we all walked up to Toni and Gib’s for dinner.  Toni had planned to join the baking session, but due to the long power outage, she had to pass.  The outage caused a delay in their food preparation for dinner.  Toni and Gib are awesome cooks and it’s always a treat to be invited to their home for a meal. They know how to throw a party!

Gib, a master in the kitchen!

Gib, a master in the kitchen!


Toni, taking a break from the kitchen, with Ellen and Corinne

We have also enjoyed meeting up with George and Susie for dinner in Dominical.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, they own Pacific Edge Cabinas in Dominicalito.  Their place is wonderful…a little mini-paradise. (www.pacificedge.info)


Our new neighbors just up from our rental are very nice, too.  Dale and Perry are renting the big white house right next to the road.  We walk right past their house when we are hiking up the hill toward our lot.  We have had many “over the fence” chats.  Just recently, we helped them through the process of signing up with the CAJA and obtaining their temporary clinic cards.  After a successful visit to the CAJA office in Quepos, Dale and Perry treated us to lunch at Dos Locos, a Mexican restaurant…well as Mexican as you can get here, which is much different from home. It was still a nice meal, though. To get the clinic cards, we had to go to the hospital in Quepos, which is a short drive outside of the main town.  We were lucky that the nice lady was there instead of the young man.  She remembered Eddie when he stopped by to extend our temporary clinic cards while I was still in Chapel Hill.  She was so happy for us when we showed her our Cedulas (residency cards).  She typed up our permanent clinic cards in a flash.  It was Dale and Perry’s turn next.  We had warned Dale and Perry that it might take a while to get their temporary clinic cards as it took us well over an hour.  It took only 10 minutes for them!   It was good fortune that it was the nice lady who waited on us.

For Thanksgiving dinner, we went to Toni and Gib’s.  Dale and Perry were invited, too.  As I mentioned above, it’s a special treat to have a meal at Toni and Gib’s; they truly outdid themselves for Thanksgiving.  The food was delicious and we all stuffed ourselves silly!   The turkey and all the trimmings were cooked perfectly and it all tasted so good.  I think the turkey was close to 20 pounds.  Usually, it’s difficult to find turkey here, but Costa Rica imports them especially for the expat community for the holidays…for a steep price as with all imported goods.  On our way back from San Jose two weeks ago, we priced the turkeys at the AutoMercado grocery in Jaco and they were $6 a pound!  Yikes!!!  I splurged and bought a bag of fresh cranberries there for $9 in order to make my own sauce for the big day.  We also brought along Eddie’s awesome apple pie, my cheese ball and freshly baked Norwegian Butter Horn rolls.  It was quite a feast!  Toni and Gib love to entertain and they do it with style!

Wow!  Ready for the feast!

Wow! Ready for the feast!

Gib and his branded turkey (RR for Rancho Ramirez)

Gib and his branded turkey (RR for Rancho Ramirez)


Ellen chatting with Dale, Sonja and Perry

(Unfortunately, Doug and Corinne missed a spectacular meal as they had returned to the U.S.  They don’t live here full-time.  We all missed them!)

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