Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys!

Lately the monkeys (White-throated Capuchin) have been visiting us on a more frequent basis, especially when we have a bunch of bananas hanging up on the terrace.  They are so cute and a lot of fun to watch…very entertaining and so we spend quite a bit of time watching and taking photos of them.  We just can’t help ourselves!

_MG_5992eIMG_1099e_MG_5994e_MG_5972e _MG_5982e

There are about 12 monkeys in the group that visit us and one of the members is a Spider Monkey.  Our neighbor told us that the group adopted him when he was a baby.  The Spider Monkey is very shy, but each time he visits, he gets a little braver and comes closer to the terrace.  There are several of the monkeys that are getting a little braver each time they swing by.  They walk along the terrace railing, climb on the clothesline and don’t seem to mind too much if we are right there.  A friend told me that we should be cautious of them not only because they are wild animals, but because they like to steal things.  They last time they visited,  I saw one of the monkeys grab a wash cloth that I had hanging on the clothesline and tug on it.  Good thing I had it secured with a clothes pin!

White throated capuchin 4IMG_1068eIMG_2216e IMG_2272eIMG_2220e IMG_2364e IMG_2224e

If the dogs realize the monkeys are visiting, they will chase them away from the terrace.  The monkeys jump back into the trees and then violently shake the branches trying to scare the dogs away.  While they are doing this, the monkeys are usually very vocal.  This scares Chiquita and she hides under the table.

_MG_6005editWhite throated capuchin White throated capuchin 3 White throated capuchin 2 SpiderMonkey_6352

4 thoughts on “Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys!

  1. Great monkey pictures! I especially like the one with the monkey lying on the branch with all four legs hanging down! How funny!

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