Monkey Business

It was a lazy Sunday morning…we slept in just a little bit longer than usual.  After a while, Eddie fixed a fabulous breakfast of fruit, smoothies and his famous omelets!  We ate out on our terrace and enjoyed the beautiful view.  It wasn’t long after cleaning up the breakfast remains when we heard the trees rustling near the laundry room area.  Eddie peeked through the sliding glass door and noticed that the hammock was swaying back and forth.  Then, he saw the white-faced monkey on the clothes line reaching for the rack of bananas we had hanging close by.  Of course, Eddie grabbed our little camera that we always have handy.


The monkeys are very entertaining and we really enjoy watching them.  This little guy was particularly fun to watch!  The following is a link to the video of his visit.

On another note, our caretaker Lopez now has three dogs (and one cat)!  Yesterday afternoon while he was visiting a friend in our little town of Hatillo, he found his dog (or maybe the dog found him?) that disappeared two years ago!!!  Her name is Paloma and she is so very sweet.  She has settled in very well.  I think Chiquita is thrilled to have another female to keep her company as Lucas tends to wander off especially on the weekends.  Chiquita and Paloma have been staying close to each other, which is very cute.  Lopez told us that he adopted Paloma when she was about four months old or so and that he had her for three years.  One day she disappeared without a clue, which seems to happen a lot in Costa Rica.  It’s almost like a dog exchange here…if your dog wanders off too far from home, someone may think it’s a stray and take it in.  Then, at some point, the dog finds its way back to you.  Well, at least that is the fairy tale version and sometimes fairy tales do come true.  Yesterday, Paloma magically returned to Lopez and she appears to have been taken care of quite well.  She is very happy to be back home!


Paloma – What have you been up to these past two years??

Paloma and Pacho the cat (sometimes he rolls over and falls in the pool!)

Paloma and Pacho the cat (sometimes he rolls over and falls in the pool!)

Paloma and Chiquita

Paloma and Chiquita


5 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. Are you sure the amazing Eddie was taking the vid or is the vid of amazing eddie and the monkey is behind the camera.

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