Building Project Update

Back in March, we decided to have some work done on our lot to enlarge the flat area for building and improve the stability of the dirt.  If you missed it, you can see the previous post about it (Improving our Lot – March 29).  The next step after re-grading the lot is to confirm that the work done resulted in more stable soil.  In order to determine whether the soil is more stable, engineers have to perform a Standard Penetration Test and take soil samples for analysis.  This past Saturday, we had this test performed.  It was an interesting process which consisted of erecting a large tripod and driving a pipe into the soil with a large weight supported by the tripod.  The number of blows of the weight required to drive the pipe a certain distance into the soil is counted and recorded.  The pipe is driven down until very hard soil is reached.  The pipe also brings up a sample of the soil which gets collected and analyzed for composition.


We haven’t received the official report yet, but from what the engineer told us, the soil is very stable.  This will reduce the cost of the foundation of the house and pool significantly.  The next step is to adjust our house plans as they have changed based upon what we have learned from living here as well as the changes to the lot.  Then, we will need to chose a builder.  We have been talking to several since we arrived in January.  Once we have firm house plans, we can start getting bids.  We are hopeful that the cost of building will be more reasonable now that we have changed and improved the lot, and adjusted our house plans.  Wish us luck!!!


Celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary with the bottle of champagne that we bought in Panama.  The hard fall on the concrete drive didn’t affect the taste at all!

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