Exciting News from Home

Last week, our daughter Jane’s Hanoverian horse Deva had her first baby!!!  After five days of foal watch (no sleep for Jane), Deva finally had her baby – a bay colt at 3 a.m. on June 17.  He weighed 100 pounds at birth and learned to walk in about an hour.  He is so cute!  I just love his long legs.  Overall, the birth went well and the veterinarian didn’t have to assist.  However, the baby had a bit of trouble learning how to nurse.  Jane and the barn hand had to rig up a type of breast pump to get Deva’s milk to bottle feed the colt.  After a couple of days, they managed to get the baby to nurse, so all is good now.

The colt at about 4 hours old

The colt at about 4 hours old

Jane and colt at 4 days old

Jane and colt at 4 days old

Diva and baby

Deva and baby

The father of the colt belongs to Jane’s friend Virginia and she is going to keep the baby.  Even so, we are still excited to have a “grand-horse!”  And, we are looking forward to seeing him when we return home in September.

Some more good news!  Jane and her boyfriend Mark have a new puppy!  He is a short hair border collie and only seven weeks old.  He is adorable!


The bad news is that they only had him for a couple of days when he starting vomiting and not eating.  Jane and Mark are very knowledgeable about dogs and they realized something was terribly wrong.  So, they took him to the emergency vet.  It’s a good thing they didn’t wait like most people would have done.  Long story short…the poor little guy has a massive roundworm infection that has migrated to his lungs, which caused the respiratory distress and pneumonia that induced the vomiting not eating.  It’s so sad…a simple and inexpensive deworming drug (from a vet not from a place like “PetSmart”) could prevent this from happening.  Obviously the people that sold them the puppy don’t take care of their pets and that’s horrible!  Because of Jane and Mark’s quick action, the puppy will live and without any long term effects.  That’s wonderful!!!  We’re looking forward to seeing him, too.

2 thoughts on “Exciting News from Home

  1. How cute!! I agree on the puppy part—you have to go to a vet and have the animal checked out. You can’t become a vet overnight. I am understanding that Jane is keeping the colt is that right?
    You will have a lot to see when you get there.
    We finally had some rain last night and now the flowers look happy!

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