Hummingbirds are everywhere!  We have noticed that we seem to have an abundance of them around the trees next to our terrace.  So, we decided to hang a small hummingbird feeder on the corner of our terrace near our dining table.  We enjoy watching these small birds while we are eating breakfast, lunch or whenever we are sitting at the table.  It’s amazing how fast their wings flutter!  Since we hung the feeder, the hummingbirds always seem to be close by.  We have observed  a couple hummingbird wars as there are a few who are territorial about the feeder.  Several times I have been close to the feeder when a couple of them are trying to prevent each other from getting to it.  They have whizzed past so close to my head that the sound is like a loud hum.  It’s probably how they got the name “hummingbird.”

While I was in Boruca, Eddie spent a lot of time quietly watching the hummingbirds in order to get the perfect photo.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a high-speed flash set up here to catch them in flight, but he took some awesome photos of them stationary.  His best photos are of a male White-necked Jacobin.  The White-necked Jacobin is about 4 3/4 inches, which is fairly large for a hummingbird.

White-necked Jacobin_MG_6390_MG_6450

On Father’s Day in the late afternoon, we decided to walk along our favorite beach.  It was raining at our casita, but luckily, not at the beach.  It was very overcast, though.  The tide was very high, the highest we had seen it and the ocean was rough.  Not a good day for a swim, but a perfect one for a walk on the beach.  We had the beach more or less to ourselves.  The only other person that we could see was a man who was fishing from the beach with a long line.  Pura Vida!

ellen at playa lindabeach

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