A New Puppy!

As usual, Eddie gets up between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m.  I, on the other hand, like to sleep in a bit.  I usually get up between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m.  However this morning, I was up a little earlier as Eddie came in shortly after he was up and told me that Lopez has a new puppy!   Eddie had gone outside to the pool area to check his plants and Lopez came by to talk with him.  Trailing Lopez was a cute little black and white puppy about the size of a Chihuahua and Eddie asked about it.  Lopez told Eddie that he found the puppy on the side of the road on his way back from San Isidro yesterday evening.  (It’s a hard life here for dogs and cats…only the strongest and fittest will survive.  So many strays wander around the streets as many Ticos don’t neuter or spay their pets.  Unwanted pets are abandoned and left to fend for themselves.  It’s so sad.)  Anyway, this little puppy is the cutest little thing!

The new puppy

The new puppy

Lopez left early again this morning and the puppy spent most of the day hanging around with us.  She is a lot of fun and very smart, too.  I decided to teach her English commands and I’m impressed that she already knows the word “sit.”  Of course, treats help a lot!   Lopez hadn’t named her yet, so we started calling her Chicita (little girl in Spanish).  Not sure what Lopez will think about that, but by the end of the day, she was answering to it.  I hope she doesn’t “wander off” like his last puppy.  In April when we were in the States, Lopez was given a cute little walnut colored puppy that he named Panina.  We weren’t overly thrilled that he had gotten another dog…as he really doesn’t pay much attention to the two pets he already has…Lucas (dog) and Pacho (cat).  However, little Panina won over our hearts.  She spent a fair amount of time in our area and we enjoyed playing with her.  She was smart, too, and we were teaching her both English and Spanish commands.  Panina had a lot of energy and she was always bugging Lukas and Pacho.  The cat was much more tolerant than Lucas.  Panina would chew on the cat’s ears and head!  When Lucas was tired of Panina, he would jump into the planters near the pool to hide from her.

Pacho, the cat, Panina, the puppy and Lucas

Pacho, the cat, Panina, the puppy and Lucas

Last Friday, Panina disappeared.  She was at the house when we returned from our lot in the early afternoon.  As usual, she followed us to our casita and we played with her for a bit.  We don’t exactly remember if we saw her after that…we noticed she wasn’t around when we were fixing dinner later that evening.  Most of the time Lopez’s pets show up at meal time begging for food.  The other two pets didn’t show up either, so we thought they were hanging out with Lopez.  Well, we didn’t see Panina Saturday or Sunday, but we didn’t see Lucas much either, so we didn’t think much about it.  Then on Monday morning, we saw Lopez and I asked him, “Where is Panina?”  He told me that he didn’t know…he came home Friday night and he couldn’t find her.  He called and called for her and she didn’t come to him, but Lucas and Pacho were home.  The cat is always here, but Lucas tends to wander.

Lucas is about 4 years old and he knows how to find his way off the property and then he walks all over Hatillo.  He tends to do this more often on the weekends, or so Lopez has told us.  We have noticed that Lucas does disappear for long periods of time, but sometimes, he is in his little dog house sleeping, which he likes to do a lot.  When Eddie went over to the neighbor just below us on Monday to borrow his power drill, he mentioned that Panina was missing.  The neighbor told Eddie that he saw Lucas and Panina walking down the road past his house mid-afternoon on Friday.  So, my theory is that Lucas showed Panina how to get out of the property and then ditched her.  Since she hadn’t lived here very long, she couldn’t find her way back to the house.  No telling what happened to her.  The best case scenario – someone found her on the side of the road and decided to keep her.  The worst case, she got eaten, bit by a snake or hit by a car.  Poor thing!  If we had know that she had left the property, we would have gone looking for her.  We are a little wiser now, so if Chicita suddenly disappears, we will assume she went on a walk about with Lucas and start looking for her right away.

Since Lopez was gone, I decided to give the new puppy a bath

Since Lopez was gone, I decided to give the new puppy a bath


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