A Fright!

Eddie hasn’t heard me scream so loudly in a very long time.  I couldn’t help it…the creature I unwittingly exposed was nothing like I had ever seen before!  It was large, black and very scary looking.  It gave me such a fright that I swear that my heart skipped a beat!

Saturday morning, I was sweeping the tile floor of the terrace and decided it was time to clean up under the table and chairs.  When we aren’t using the chairs, we tilt them against the table to protect the chair seats and so that Lopez’s cat and dogs don’t sleep on them.  I was pulling the chairs back one at a time and on the inside of the back of one of the chairs was a large creature that looked prehistoric.  Obviously, I wasn’t expecting to see it there.  I screamed and jumped back at the same time holding the broom like a baseball bat just in case the thing decided to jump at me.  I called for Eddie to come out and bring the camera with him.  At first we thought it was dead, but it moved sluggishly when Eddie touched one of its legs.


According to Wikipedia, we found a Amblypygid also known as a whip spider.  They range in size from 3 to 24 inches.  (The one that gave me a fright was between three and four inches.)   Whip spiders often move sideways.  They eat insects and are nocturnal.  Rarely do they bite, but they can grab fingers with their pedipalps resulting in a thorn-like puncture wound.  Pedipalps look similar to claws much like those of a preying mantis.  Fortunately, whip spiders aren’t poisonous.  They must be quite tasty, too, because the cat ate it!!!


11 thoughts on “A Fright!

    • The kitty is just fine! He is quite a cat…Eddie saw him snatch a bird mid-flight about 4 feet from the ground. It was a really pretty bird, too.

  1. Oh my goodness! I would have had a heart attack. I am glad it wasn’t poisonous and happy that the cat got to enjoy a tasty meal 😁

    • The whip spider is also known as a tailless whip scorpion, but whip spider is the more common name. In any case, they are scary looking! Glad I found this one during the daytime when it was sleeping.

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