Improving our Lot

This week has been a busy one regarding our undeveloped lot, which is why I’m a bit behind on posting!  After much thought, we decided to do the earth movement that was recommended by one of the contractors we consulted.  It has changed everything!  It was well worth the money as it increased the building area of our lot and made it more stable, too.

This is our lot before any work started.

This is our lot before any work started.

This past Monday morning, we were granted the permit to do the work.  It took the workers all day to get the massive equipment up our hill as they had to protect the concrete sections of the road with rubber tires.  It was very labor intensive and slow going.  Fortunately, they were able to bypass the lower portion of the concrete road by taking a detour which starts at the river bed in Hatillo.  The river has water in it, but they could still cross it, which was good.

The workers made speedy progress the first day despite the slow progress up our hill and continued to do so the rest of this week.  They finished everything today and the lot looks fantastic!  Even if we decide not to build, the earth movement work (as it’s called here) will increase the value of our property, which will make it easier to sell.

compare 1compare 2compare 3

This is the lot after the earthwork has been finished.

This is the lot after the earthwork has been finished.


One thought on “Improving our Lot

  1. What great pictures! Thank you for keeping us uptodate with your grand adventure! Howard and I miss you a lot and are already talking about when we might come down to see you! Many hugs! Ieva

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