Looking for Treasure!

When we were in the process of selling our house in Chapel Hill, I mentioned to Eddie that I might need a new hobby to occupy my time when we move to Costa Rica.  Our son Erik was there with us and he suggested a metal detector as he knows I like to scavenge around for treasures…in thrift shops and on the beach.  I’m diverse.  So, for Christmas, I asked for a metal detector and I was thrilled when I received it!   We tried testing it out at Jane and Mark’s place, but there were too many false hits due to all the iron in the rocks.  It wasn’t easy digging holes in the ground during the winter, either.  We placed the metal detector in one of the dish pack boxes to be shipped to CR.  We waited about a month for the boxes to arrive.

Last week, Eddie and I decided to do a test run with the metal detector on our favorite beach here in CR.  Of course, we had visions of finding some awesome things.  The metal detector worked great and we did find a few things, but it wasn’t Spanish gold.  At least we found some interesting stuff.


Our first big haul...

Our first big haul…

On our next venture, we went to a more popular beach.  There is always a crowd there, so we were hopeful that we would find something valuable.  All we found were rusty nails and small rusted tuna cans, which weren’t buried all that deep in the sand.  We’re glad that our tetanus shots are up-to-date!  Even though we didn’t find any treasure, we decided it was worthwhile to clean up the sand from dangerous objects to prevent injuries.

Eddie equated metal detector hunting to fishing…you need a lot of patience because it could be a very long time to get a hit on the line.  Not one to have a lot of patience, this might not be the hobby for me, but I’m not ready to give up just yet.  We decided that it might be a good idea to go hunting for treasure on a more touristy beach near Jaco.  There is an art festival taking place in Jaco this week and we are thinking of attending and then taking a little detour to the beach to look for treasure.  Stay tuned!

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