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It’s hot, hot, hot here!!!  January, February and March are the hottest months in Costa Rica on the Pacific side.  We don’t have a thermometer, but we’re guessing the temperature is close to 90 degrees and quite humid, too, so it feels even hotter.  (Costa Rica is only 9 degrees from the equator.)   It’s so hot, that there isn’t any point in using make-up. It just melts off your face…waterproof mascara included.  It doesn’t take long for this to happen,either.  It’s melted off in a half hour or so.  The only time I use my cosmetics now is when we are going out for the evening to a special restaurant.  Otherwise, my make-up and body lotion is 50 SPF sunblock!

This past Friday night we had dinner at Roca Verde Bar and Restaurant in Dominical. (Yes, I wore some make-up for the special occasion!)  The band called Tropi Howlers performed and they were fantastic!  It was a fun time.

Enjoying an evening at Roca Verde

Enjoying an evening at Roca Verde

The Tropi-Howlers

The Tropi-Howlers

The other day, Eddie decided to try out his new machete that he bought in San Isidro to chop a new bunch of bananas.  A day or two before, he found a few bunches that appeared to be close to harvesting. In the end, he decided to cut off a bunch from a tree that had recently fallen down.  No point in wasting the bananas.  They are now hanging up near the hammock on our wrap around porch. We used the first one that turned yellow today in our morning fruit smoothie.


On Saturday morning, we decided to drive to Quepos to check out the farmer’s market.  It was very nice!  We bought a cantaloupe, 3 ripe tomatoes, 2 huge bunches of lettuce, a large pineapple, a bag of white potatoes, bunch of fresh cilantro, 3 baskets of ripe strawberries, a bag of blackberries, onions, 3 avocados, 2 large papaya, and 2 large mangoes.  All for about $12.00!  We ate some of the strawberries for dessert last night and they were delicious.

This morning, we walked up the big HILL to our lot to check on the progress of the installation of new cement drainage gutters.  Our handyman hired his friend who has a backhoe to dig the trenches for the gutters.  It was finished and the cement gutters were partially laid out, but not installet, yet.  That is supposed to happen next weekend.  The walk up took a hour (a 5 minute truck ride).  I had to stop and rest a couple of times…not Eddie, though.  He could do it without stopping at all!  The lot looked very nice after a good chop.  Hope the gutters look nice, too.

IMG_1197 IMG_1199

We have been in Costa Rica for 35 days and I’m really missing my children, family and friends.  I’m not used to being so isolated from them.  Face Time, email and the phone help, but it’s just not the same as seeing everyone in person.  So, it’s so exciting that our son Erik is coming to visit us for a week this month!  I’m really looking forward to seeing and spending time with him 🙂

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