Walking in Hatillo

Early this morning we decided to take a walk into our little town of Hatillo.  It was an easy walk down the hill to the yellow rock that marks the entrance to our road.  Turn right onto Old Hatillo Road and we were on our way into town.  We passed several little houses that line both sides of the road – some are set back a bit and others right on the edge. Hatillo has a bar, school, soccer field (called football in CR), church, a very small convenience store and a little grocery store. We stopped at the little grocery and were there so long browsing that we felt we should buy something.  So, we bought some cans of tuna for emergency food. You never know when the power will go out!  We also stopped into the very small convenience store and they had some fresh veggies, which was a surprise.  We bought some fresh tomatoes there.

Hatillo's church

Hatillo’s church

A typical Tico home in Hatillo

A typical Tico home in Hatillo

One of Hatillo's little tiendas

One of Hatillo’s little tiendas

Ellen with the "Yellow Rock" marking our road.

Ellen with the “Yellow Rock” marking our road.

This is our road... at the bottom of the hill.

This is our road… at the bottom of the hill.

Walking up the hill.

Walking up the hill.

The walk back wasn’t too bad until we got to the hill. It isn’t easy to walk up and up and up in the heat.  We made it, though!

Thought you all might enjoy some photos of our little casita.  It’s a nice little place.

Our casita

Our casita

Pool and rancho area

Pool and rancho area


Well, wouldn’t you know it…at 12:30 this afternoon, the power went out.  I had a loaf of banana bread in the oven for only 20 minutes of the 50 minutes required.  The power was out for almost two hours.  Amazingly, the banana bread turned out just fine. Yum, yum!!!

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