We have wheels!!!

Yesterday (January 15), was a busy day and a very productive one, too!  We had an early start as we had another appointment with our “guy” at ARCR who accompanied us to the bank. Our wire transfer was confirmed and we needed a special letter from the bank to be included in our residency application. All went well!  It only took an hour to complete, which is record time in Costa Rica.

After we left ARCR, Eddie called the used car guy to make an offer on the 2006 Hilux. After a bit of going back and forth, they came to an agreement. The next step was finding a mechanic and someone to help us close the deal. We were a little worried about the language barrier. So, we walked back to ARCR to ask for help and our attorney who is taking care of our residency was willing to help us buy the car. We didn’t have an appointment with him, but he saw us anyway. He called the used car guy for us and confirmed the price with him. Our attorney asked the guy a lot of questions about the car and to drive it to San Jose (from Cartago, an hour away) to the mechanic’s shop. We set up a mechanic appointment early the next day. Things were looking good!

Afterwards, we decided to drive to Escazú to the fancy MultiPlaza Mall for a delayed birthday shopping spree. We bought a gorgeous Rosewood hand carved bowl and a pair of sterling hoop earrings, which were a better price than we could have gotten in the States. We had a great celebratory dinner at a bar and grill on the way back to Margarita’s.

Today, we had a very early appointment at the mechanic shop to check out the Hilux. I stayed behind at Margarita’s. The Hilux checked out well!  No problems, so the sale was going ahead…our attorney called and we had an appointment for 3:00 to finalize the deal. Of course, we left well in advance as we needed to stop by the bank to get a cashier’s check (cheque de gerencia) to pay for the Hilux and to get cash to pay the transfer tax and the attorney. It took about an hour to complete. Next stop was the appointment with our attorney. The owner and used car guy met us there and we finalized the deal!  After that, we had to set up our auto insurance. Amazingly, that was pretty quick. Here is a photo of our pickup in the parking lot shortly after the papers were signed.


Tomorrow (Friday, January 17) we are driving to our rental home in Hatillo near Dominical on the Pacific side. It’s about a 3-1/2 drive and a very pretty one, too! I t will be nice to get all settled in there. We may be off-line for a day or two until we get organized and figure out the wireless. (The caretaker only speaks Spanish and he will be explaining it all, so wish us luck!)

On the terrace outside our room at Margarita's B&B.

On the terrace outside our room at Margarita’s B&B.

6 thoughts on “We have wheels!!!

  1. I am so happy that you guys found a truck! Yay! I can’t wait to hear how everything is with the rental place and hopefully we will see it soon!!!

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