Finding a used car and more…

On Sunday, January 12, we took our Spanish teacher Charlene out to a very leisurely lunch. We went to a Japanese restaurant near downtown San Jose and it was excellent! We have been taking Spanish Lessons with Charlene of for about two years now.  She has lived here in Costa Rica for many years and we have our lessons over Skype an hour once a week.  Charlene is an awesome Spanish teacher and both Eddie and I have learned a lot, but still have much to learn. We had to stop our lessons for a bit, but have arranged to start them up again beginning in February. It was wonderful to see Charlene again and we are excited about resuming our lessons. If you are interested in learning Spanish, you must give her a try!

Finding time to post isn’t always easy. Eddie needs the laptop to catch up on work and to look for Hilux pickups, so he gets first dibs on using it. It will be easier once our desk top makes it way here, which won’t be until early February.  So until then, I have to be patient and share.

We have been spending most of our time looking for a pickup and we have looked at five so far. They are rather hard to find especially ones in good condition, so we are fortunate to have a choice of five. On Monday, we drove to Cartago again to look at a different Hilux – a 2006.  We drove to the same parking lot at Pequeño Mundo and the owner met us there. After chatting a bit, we discovered that he is the owner of a used car dealership and this is just one of his cars there. He told us the tires were new, but when we were test driving it, he motioned us to stop at the gas station. Turned out the right front tire needed air!  So, when we returned to the parking lot, we checked out that tire and there was a huge nail in it. Eddie pointed it out the sales guy and he acted so surprised. In Costa Rica there is a lot of debris on the roads, so it could have happened recently. Since we were close to Orosi, we called the owner of the Hilux we saw on Saturday to see if we could test drive it. That worked out well and Eddie really wanted that one, but the owner wouldn’t budge at all on the price and it was rather costly.  We had to let that one pass by.

Eddie waiting to look at a car in Orosi

Eddie waiting to look at a car in Orosi

Costa Rica has a National Registry for vehicles.  All you need is the license plate number and you can check to see who owns the vehicle, accident history along with fines, taxes and liens. We looked up the 2006 and discovered there is a lien on it. In Costa Rica the lien follows the car not the previous owner, so you must be careful. Eddie has contacted our attorney about how to proceed. Wish us luck!

Costa Ricans appear to be very patient people. They don’t seem to mind waiting in line at the bank or wherever for hours on end and they show no signs of being unhappy or irritated with the wait. However, put them behind the wheel of a car and it’s an entirely different story. They are crazy people!  They weave in and out of traffic, follow the car in front much too closely, drive too fast and pass on dangerous curves with no visibility. This is a country where stop signs a just a suggestion. So watch out!  Costa Ricans really like to honk the horn and I don’t mean a little beep, they really lay on it. They honk for everything like saying hello, get moving or just noticing a pretty girl walking across the street. It’s very interesting to say the least.

Ellen cooking a great dinner in Margarita's rancho.

Ellen cooking a great dinner in Margarita’s rancho.

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