An Unwelcome Surpise…

Yesterday (January 10) was my birthday and we had some wonderful plans, a lovely lunch and trip to the fancy mall in Escazu. Unfortunately, those plans never happened as I was stricken with some intestinal disorder that kept me from straying too far from our room!  It was one miserable day. The culprit was most likely due to the Caesar salad I ate for lunch a day or so earlier. It was just too much for my system to eat all that greenery at once and I should have known better as I have a very sensitive system. Everyone here says that it takes time for the body to get used to new bacteria and flora. In any case, it was a surprise that I could have done without.

Today was a much better day! I seem to have recovered from whatever ailed me and was all ready to go along with Eddie to look at some used Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks.  This afternoon we drove to Cartago about an hour away from our B&B to look at the Hilux.  We stopped at a store called Pequeno Mundo in the center of town, parked in their lot and called the guy to meet up as we arranged only to find out that he didn’t want to meet there as it was a 30 minute drive for him. So, we drove another 30 minutes to a town called Orosi. It was a beautiful drive and a quaint town. Amazingly, we managed to communicate fairly well in Spanish.  After a look under the hood and a test drive up a steep road, Eddie wasn’t impressed with the truck.  It was bought in Panama and had evidence of being re-painted, which hadn’t been disclosed and was noticeable. At least it was a pretty day for a drive and we saw some gorgeous scenery.

View of Orosi from lookout from steep road

View of Orosi from lookout from steep road

Ruins in Cartago taken from the car

Ruins in Cartago taken from the car


On our way back, we went into Pequeno Mundo where we had parked earlier and discovered that it’s a discount store. It had all sorts of things from clothes, linens, houseware items to food. We bought Styrofoam noodles for the pool, plastic hangers and salsa for a total of $5. Not bad at all!

It looks like it’s going to take much longer than we thought to purchase a vehicle, so we have arranged to stay in our B&B a few days longer.  Now, we are planning to leave on Thursday for our rental house in the Dominical area, which is on the Pacific side of Costa Rica.

5 thoughts on “An Unwelcome Surpise…

  1. Hmmm good job Eddie not taking the truck. I sometimes hear stories like that in brazil. Saw gm last week and she can do FaceTime calls now .

  2. Ellen, I read through the posts you have left and enjoyed hearing about your adventures. It’s a new world for you. Happy birthday, I hope that you took the time on Saturday to celebrate. My birthday is today so I’m in the celebration mode also.
    We are getting to fly to South American on Jan. 25th. We will be spending two weeks in Patagonia, flying into Buenos Aires for a few days and then traveling south to see the glaciers and hopefully the Cape Horn. We will be on a boat for four nights-days sailing the Beagle Channel. I’ve never been sea sick and hope this will not be a first time for that.

    Ellen, I hope that things continue to go well as you settle into your new life in CR. We have a PEO meeting tomorrow and I’m sure that everyone will be glad to have heard from you. I look forward to hearing more about your new home in CR
    Ann H.

  3. I am glad to have finally started reading your blog and will continue to check it often! Good luck with the truck…hope you find one soon. It is so funny to continue playing :WORDS” like nothing has changed!!!! What is the time differential? Thinking of you!!!!! Auntie M

    • Hi, Yes more car shopping today and hopefully we will make a deal on one today. We are in the same time zone as Central, but Costa Rica does not adjust for daylight savings time, so when the US is in DST, we are one hour behind Central (or same as Mountain ST).

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