Residency part 2

We left Margarita’s fairly early this morning to arrive in time for our 9:30 appointment at ARCR.  A delightful young man accompanied us to Banco Nacional (one of the two Costa Rican government banks). There, he helped us obtain two accounts – one in dollars and another in colones, their national currency. It all took about an hour and there was a fair amount of paperwork. Afterwards, Eddie and I found a McDonald’s so that we could hook up to their WiFi to email our bank in the U.S. We were there for a while and the smells of hamburgers and french fries finally got the better of us and we had to order some lunch.  We did feel a little guilty eating at McDonald’s in Costa Rica.  It was a bit expensive, too!  The food tasted the same, however, I can’t say that for the Diet Coke as they substitute Coke Zero (without advertizing it) and it’s much too sweet for me. So maybe, I will be able to kick my Diet Coke habit while living here.

Using WIFI at McD's

Using WIFI at McD’s

Next stop was visiting a recommended used car guy.  He showed us a 1994 SUV that was actually in pretty good shape, but still, a little too old for us. He wanted 8K for it, which Eddie thought was reasonable considering the engine had been rebuilt.  We have a few other leads, but it looks like buying a good 4 wheel drive vehicle will take longer than we originally thought.

On our way back to our B & B, we discovered Price Smart (similar to Sam’s Club and Costco). We stopped in and purchased a annual membership for $35 and began to shop!!!  We found some good stuff.  Hope we can find a location a little closer to our rental home, which is about 3-1/2 hours away from where we are staying now.

Our Price Smart purchases

Our Price Smart purchases

Not sure what’s on tomorrow’s agenda…it will be a surprise!

Dinner at Margarita's

Dinner at Margarita’s

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