Residency in Progress

A change of plans today.  Instead of looking for a used vehicle, we decided to work on obtaining residency since we were able to secure an appointment with the paralegal from ARCR (Association of Residents of Costa Rica) who helped us gather our documents. We have been members of ARCR for several years. We met with her early this afternoon for about an hour.  We gave her all our documents – certified birth certificates, marriage license and police report…all of which had to be notarized and apostille from the respective Secretary of State. We did all of that before we came down. Then, we had to pay a fee to the Costa Rican government, of course.  She also registered us with the American Embassy here.  After we were finished, we met with the lawyer who will handle our case.  He will translate all our documents into Spanish, make sure everything is in proper order and then he will take it immigration to file it. Once filed, we will receive a stamped document with our case number.  From that point, it will most likely take 10 to 14 months for us to receive approval for temporary residency.

There are several ways to secure residency.  We are pursing the Rentista catagory, which means we have to prove to the Costa Rican government that we have sufficient money to support ourselves by depositing a substantial sum into their state bank. Each month, we will receive a portion of this money to live on. After three years of temporary residency, proving that we can support ourselves, then we can apply for permanent residency.  Eddie had to sign a document that states that he promised to support me financially.  I joked that he couldn’t get rid of me now!  Our lawyer laughed and in jest asked if I wanted a copy of the document just in case.

First on the agenda tomorrow is an appointment at the state bank. Good thing a member of ARCR will accompany us as we aren’t fluent in Spanish – at least not, yet.  We are working on it, though!

Hasta luego (Until later)

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