We made it to Costa Rica!

Eddie enjoying a beer at our B & B - Margarita's in La Garrita

Eddie enjoying a beer at our B & B – Margarita’s in La Garrita

After a day filled with delays, we finally made it to San Jose, Costa Rica! We flew through immigration and customs without any problems only to wait an hour for the rental car shuttle. Welcome to Tico time as they say here. Fortunately, it was a beautiful and warm day, so we didn’t mind the wait outside.

It was late afternoon when we arrived at our B & B (Margarita de la Garrita) which is about a 15 minute drive from the airport. We have stayed with Margarita many times and so it was much like seeing an old friend. We chatted with her and a few other guests for quite a while before unloading our many pieces of luggage from the car.  We are in our favorite corner room with a private patio.

It took a while to unpack and I’m pleased to report that everything arrived intact including all my vitamins (a three month supply), 12 bottles of various spices and hair color products! I was a little worried about the big bottles of peroxide, but they were still in the suitcase. So, I can stay blond a little while longer!

We are now enjoying a small glass of rum…we stocked up at the duty free shop before leaving the airport. We also purchased SIM cards for our cell phones, but they only work in CR. We brought our cordless phone and have it hooked up to Magic Jack so that we can call the States for free and people can call us, too, without incurring international charges. We talked with both our children tonight and it was pretty cool.

Tomorrow we plan to begin our search for a used pick up truck or SUV.

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