Ready, set, go!


We have been talking about this day for quite a while…probably since we decided to buy land in Costa Rica back in 2007.  It suddenly became a reality this past Spring.  In April 2013, we put our home of 22 years on the market and it sold in November.  We closed on November 22…just five short weeks after the offer.  It was quite the challenge to sort and pack our home.  We had a lot of storage space and we utilized every inch of it over the years!  Our children took most of the important things such as the family antiques, artwork and silver. However, we still donated, recycled and threw away quite a bit…car loads of stuff.

Originally, our plan was to go back and forth from Chapel Hill, NC to Costa Rica like “snow birds.”  The economy changed all that, so we had to modify our plan by staying for extended visits with family and friends when stateside.  Our daughter Jane and her long-time boyfriend Mark graciously offered us a suite on their second floor.  (They will be our home base when we are in the states – until they get tired of us.)  Our suite is spacious and beautiful!!!  We enjoy being a part of their family as well, which includes 2 goats, 2 cats, 3 dogs, 15 chickens and 2 horses  and baby horse on the way.  It’s a lot of fun!  Best of all, they don’t seem to mind us being around, for now anyway.  How great is that?

The photo above is of our 6 bags (to check) ready to go; it was taken in our suite just this morning.  (Aren’t the hardwood floors gorgeous?  Jane and Mark installed, stained and varnished it all themselves!) Jane drove us to the airport and we flew to Ft. Lauderdale on JetBlue.  It all went well except for a 2 – 1/2 hour delay and discovering that JetBlue doesn’t participate in TSA Pre-Check for which we qualify with our Global Entry, so we had to take off our shoes, etc…which was a bummer.  I think that was worse than the delay.  We won’t be flying with them again until they become participants!

Tomorrow we leave for San Jose, CR.  We will be spending a week just outside the city in La Garrita in order to buy a used pick-up and to begin the residency process.  Wish us luck!

More posts to follow…we are going to try to post regularly, so check in often.

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